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We offer a wide range of patterns to fit almost any project you’re working on!

Brick® 600 Heat Transfer Vinyl

Our thickest heat transfer vinyl – now easier to cut and apply!

EasyWeed® Glow Heat Transfer Vinyl

Create Custom Designs that Glow in the Dark!

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Attractive Designs with Eye Catching Sparkle!

Bling out plain designs for maximum appeal with over 30 vibrant colors!

EasyReflective® Heat Transfer Vinyl

The easiest reflective HTV you’ve ever used!

The only reflective HTV with a pressure sensitive (sticky) carrier

Blackboard® Heat Transfer Vinyl

Write it, wipe it, repeat!

Turn any fabric into a writable surface that can be used over and over again!

StripFlock® Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl

The only flock in the industry that can be layered on itself!

Gives logos a raised, textured, suede-like feel.

Twinkle™ Heat Transfer Vinyl

A silicone-like surface that holds brilliant colors who shine their own light when the glitter winks and wavers

Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl

Metallic Style Without the Weight!

Metal HTV features a smooth finish, soft hand, and a brushed metal appearance.

EasyWeed® Heat Transfer Vinyl

The most trusted heat transfer vinyl brand in the world!

EasyWeed® Electric Heat Transfer Vinyl

Electrify Your Look With Unique Finishes!
Vibrant colors with a pearlescent metallic sheen.

EasyWeed® Extra Heat Transfer Vinyl

Our Best-Selling Heat Transfer Vinyl – Now for Nylon!

EasyWeed® Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl

Super stretchability for performance apparel from spandex to dri-fit!

EasyWeed® Sub Block Heat Transfer Vinyl

We’ve Got Dye Migration Covered!

Specially formulated to block most dye migration on polyesters.

EasyWeed® Adhesive

The all-purpose Heat Transfer Adhesive

A glazed, trendy tone on tone appearance!

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

A new dimension in heat transfer vinyl!

Can be cut to look exactly like rhinestones, in half the time!

ColorPrint™ Easy Print and Cut Material

The easiest weeding and masking Print and Cut material!

ColorPrint™ Extra Print and Cut Material

Designed for difficult to decorate items!

Compatible with nylon and durable enough for pennants, canvas, tents and other difficult to personalize fabrics.

ColorPrint™ PU Gloss Print and Cut Material

Print and Cut Full-Color Designs with Incredible Stretch and Rebound!

ColorPrint™ PU Matte Print and Cut Material

Print and Cut Full-Color Designs with Incredible Stretch and Rebound!

ColorPrint™ Sublithin Print and Cut Material

Specially formulated to block most dye migration on polyesters.

The Perfect Print and Cut Material for Sublimated Sports Garments!

ColorPrint™ Soft Opaque Print and Cut Material

The Softest & Slimmest Print and Cut Material!

As soft as a cloud and almost just as lightweight.

Hi-5 Print Matte Print and Cut Material

Low temperature, low time, high quality results!

Perfect for rayon, polypropylene and anything else that can’t stand the heat!

EasyPatterns® Heat Transfer Vinyl

All the Variety Without the Extra Work!

Pre-printed patterns eliminate the need for layering multiple solid colors, therefore eliminating extra weight on the garment!

EasyPSV® Removable Chalkboard™

Rock Out with Your Chalk Out!

Who has time to wait for paint to dry? This chalkboard can go up and come down in one day.

EasyPSV® Permanent Etch

The Hassle Free Etch Effect

A clean and classic look that resembles sandblasted or etched glass.

EasyPSV® Permanent Glitter

Your everyday solution to blinging out everything in sight.

Smooth but sparkly finish that can be applied to almost any hard surface – even curvy situations.

EasyPSV® Permanent Glow

Night Time Fun for Everyone!

EasyPSV® Glow is the only pressure sensitive vinyl with a built-in spotlight!

EasyPSV® Removable

Stick it, Switch it, Smile!

Create worry-free décor that can be changed repeatedly.

EasyPSV® Permanent Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

The stick that stays!

Durable enough to withstand outdoor elements such as sun exposure and rain.

EasySubli® Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Latest Innovation in Sublimation.

A matte heat transfer vinyl that’s receptive to sublimation inks!

EasySubli® Mask

A Special Mask for a Special HTV!

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ColorPrint™ Soft Opaque


EasyWeed® Adhesive

EasyWeed® Adhesive

ColorPrint™ Soft Opaque

EasyWeed® Sub Block

EasyWeed® – Standard



StripFlock® Pro

StripFlock® Pro

Blackboard® Heat Transfer Vinyl t-shirt






EasyWeed® Glow in the Dark

EasyWeed® Glow in the Dark

EasyWeed® Extra

EasyWeed® Extra

EasyWeed® Electric

EasyWeed® Electric

EasyWeed® Stretch

EasyWeed® Stretch

EasyWeed® Fluorescent

EasyWeed® Matte

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